Cleaning house!February 13, 2013

Getting a jump on Spring and cleaning out my studio. I have about 12 rugs to show and let go, including the one here. I hope to also have some artwork on hand. I am lucky to be able to occupy the lovely space at Kea Carpets and Kilims, alongside their beautiful collection of tribal rugs. Susan and Azy have been supporting my cause since we met the first time I showed my rugs. The rest of the available rugs can be seen here.



I missed the sample sale :(  Do you have any rugs left?  Alos, I was wondering if you could give me some pricing information…

I love you work!!!


By Cara Forray on Feb 14, 2013

Hi Amy,

I forgot to ask in my last email whether or not you had any rugs in 9x12 or any other sizes leftover from your sample sale.

Thank you,

By Tarica Navarro on Feb 27, 2013

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