Superior quality rugs require a blend of the best materials,the best craftsmanship, and the best people.  It's a formula I have cultivated by working with the same workshop in Nepal for over a decade and through the relationships I have formed with my clients over the years.

You can trace each knot in my rugs back to sheep that live high in the Himalaya, where the rugged conditions impart an extraordinarily soft, yet durable character to the lanolin-rich wool. Chinese silk adds a luxurious accent and visual depth. These materials are pot-dyed in small batches, giving the rugs their amazingly saturated and lasting colors, before being hand-knotted by my team of skilled craftspeople in Nepal using the traditional Tibetan crossed-weaving method. This time-honored technique connects my work to the past while creating beautiful, functional, and luxurious textiles that will survive lifetimes into the future.

The result of this process is a rug of exceptional character with rich, vibrant color, supple texture, and rigorous quality that will become an enduring part of your collection.

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Customizing a Rug   

I design my rugs in fixed sizes, but they are easily tailored to meet your specifications. Customizations can take many forms. Whether it is a simple rescaling of artwork, modifying the colors to complement your space, or a wholly new design, you can be confident of the choices you make by way of accurate digital renderings of the finished piece.

After choosing a design, we will explore color options. My extensive in-house library of yarn poms, as well as reference to the industry standard ARS color matching system provide well over 1000 color options, yet should the perfect shade be missing, my dye-master in Nepal is highly skilled in matching fabric samples, paint chips, or any other source of color inspiration. All custom colors are confirmed with a dyed pom for approval ahead of weaving. A small strike-off/sample of the design can also be made prior to the full-sized carpet to ensure the colors are harmonious.

I see customization as a dialogue, and I always welcome the opportunity to create pieces that reflect a great collaboration. Through an iterative, open process, you can experience prototypes of the final product and arrive at something you love and feel confident in commissioning.