A high quality hand-knotted carpet should last many lifetimes with proper care and maintenance. All of my rugs are made of natural materials that have proven their resilience through generations of use.

Rug Pads  Use a natural rubber pad under the rug to give the knots a bit of breathing room and to prevent slippage.

Shedding  The hand cut pile of my rugs may shed some for the first few months. This is normal and will diminish over time and with regular vacuuming. If you find errant threads that may have been missed during cutting,  snip carefully with scissors at the surface of the carpet.

Vacuuming  Weekly vacuuming will help to remove any lint and maintain the sheen of your rug. Use a vacuum without a beater or brush. Vacuum the back of the carpet at least once a year.

Rotation  Your carpet should ideally be rotated 180 degrees once a year. To remove furniture marks, wet the area and allow to dry naturally.

Spot Cleaning  For a water-based spill, soak the area with water and blot with a dry towel or cloth. Keep soaking and blotting until the stain is removed. Allow to air dry.

Professional Cleaning  If you have stains that persist, have your rug cleaned by a professional rug cleaner who specializes in fine handmade or antique rugs. If you are in the NYC area, call the studio for recommendations.